Debut Album

In late June, selling out at the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club, Tyra Levone released her highly anticipated debut album ‘TESTIMONY – A Soul Set Free.‘ Tyra Levone featured the moving sounds of her heart through a musical testimony onstage with a five-piece band including some of DMV’s greatest musicians as they collectively delivered TESTIMONY!  At the Newton White Mansion event, Tyra Levone will feature songs from her album along with a few cover hits by singers that have given her inspiration.  

TESTIMONY – A Soul Set Free‘ is a compilation of Tyra’s emotional, honest, and transparent lyrics served with her raspy, yet soul wrenching, voice.  She hopes to inspire ‘The awakening of knowledge and peace discovered on the journey to live FREE, boldly…”On purpose”. The song, ‘If Only I Knew,’ expresses the greatest joy and sorrow that nothing last forever. ‘Redemption‘ is an anthem about the joy of replenishing, rejoicing, and redeeming yourself daily, with whatever brings you peace.  ‘Live This Way’ is an instant classic with its mid-tempo rhythm that tells the story of the hurt, confusion, and frustration that comes with losing in love…A true woman’s anthem.  ‘Understand‘ is a personal tribute to Brian T. Davis, the nephew of Tyra’s close friend, who was a victim of a senseless killing, as it is Tyra’s hearts plea with the youth in our community to live for more and value all life.  ‘Can You Feel It‘ is Tyra’s sprinkle of love and happiness of living the ultimate life.  ‘This Is My Time,’ the intro, defines ‘TESTIMONY,’ a statement of purpose and freedom.